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Snow Removal

While snow can be pretty and make children’s wishes of no school in the morning come true, it can also be a messy hassle for homeowners. Depending on where you live and how much snow you are used to getting, your needs for hiring snow removal might vary. Some people may do just fine breaking […]

Brown Patch and Snow Mold

Wondering what to do with your lawn during the snowy season? Or do you have BROWN PATCHES! While it may seem like it’s your lawn’s time off, being aware of some of the effects of winter weather on your lawn is a good idea. Snow mold? For sure. A pesky fungus that appears after the […]

Most Recent Landscape- Joe Buster-Retaining Wall

Grey Landscape- Green Giant Aborviate Tree’s Landscape Design This family had just installed a pool to enjoy for the summer. New construction caused a privact problem for them. We constructed a raised bed and inserted a Green Giant arborviate’s to form a nice wall for added privacy. We were pleased to help this family come […]

Six Tips For Planting Grass Seed

Rake the lawn with a broom rake. You want to remove the thatch from your grass and give the grass seed room to grow. A “double duty” rake can rake with one side and dethatch with the other side. Loosen the soil in the bare spots to a depth of about 1″ or more with […]