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Holiday Lighting Installation

2012 Holiday Lighting¬† Vision Landscape design is still accepting new clients in the greater Springfield area for Christmas light installation. We offer free Christmas light design renderings that show you what your house will look like with our Holiday Lighting Installations! Free Christmas Light Installation renderings so you know what it will look like! Fill […]

Snow Removal Springfield MO

It is now Mid-November in the Springfield, MO area and the weather is turning cold. Before you know it we will have snow on the ground and we will be bundling up trying to stay warm. This time of year brings a lot of joy with Christmas and all the holiday cheer although it can […]

When is it too late to plant in the Fall?

¬† One question we get a lot this time of year is “When is it too late to plant this fall”. The answer is-it really depends on the weather. Plants root systems will continue to grow as long as the ground is above 40F. When it gets cold and wet at night it makes us […]