HEAT WAVE…Lawn Survival

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As you all know we have had some brutal weather… and a lot of us are struggling to even keep our plants and grass alive. I’m going to offer a few helpful tips to get your through the rest of this hot season.

Some of you have irrigation and some have to drag hose and sprinkler across the yard manually. Either way- your yard is dying to be watered and here is the process.

-Water every other day

-Make sure you are getting good coverage across the entire lawn

-Each area must get atleast 30 minutes of water at a time

-If possible water in the mornings to help prevent disease

-FERTILIZE your lawn for it’s summer treatment..it gives your lawn the extra growth spurt it needs to sustain its roots from the dry weather and heavy foot traffic it can endure during the summer months. A good fertilizer can be found at your local hardware store or lawn and garden store.

-Last but not least, de-thatch your lawn this spring. After all the dry dead grass finally gives up, it has to fall somewhere and this will not allow your grass to breathe properly. Dethatching removes all the dead material from your lawn to help with airflow. A good metal tine rake can be used to aggressively rake the entire lawn free of debris-or your local lawn care service can assist you with this.


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