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Great Planting Tips


Here are 5 tips to help while you plant this year.  You can often find this information on the tag of plant being purchased.  Or you can request a free estimate and we will send one of our professionals to help design and build a perfect landscape for your home.

TIP # 1 – Place plants where they will get the desired amount of sunlight each day.  Sunlight and shade are very important to plants.  Some plants thrive in full sun conditions and are considered “Sun Loving”, and some thrive in the shade and are called “Shade Loving”.  There are also plants that need a mix of sun and shade.  Research and recognize what parts of your home receive more sunlight or shade.

TIP # 2Understand the type of soil around your home.  Just as like sun and shade, plants have different needs in types of soil.  Soil is formed by sand, silt, and clay.  Sand is the biggest particle and will allow for water to drain easier.  Silt is smaller than sand, but larger than clay.  Clay particles are tiny and hold many nutrients, but do not allow water to drain as easily.  Research which plants will thrive in the soil condition your home offers.Back Camera

TIP # 3Know how much water each plant will need.  This may seem like a simple aspect of planting, but many plants are killed each year because of over watering and under watering.  Here is a great article on watering plants.

TIP # 4 –  Be aware of each plant’s hardiness.  Plant hardiness is the ability of the plant to survive in wintry conditions.  Here in Springfield, MO, we are considered to be in Zone 6B.  This means that typical winter temperatures get down to -5 degrees F.  Make sure to select plants that will make it through our winters, or be prepared to pull dead plants next year.  You can visit the USDA website here to check out the Plant Hardiness Map.

TIP # 5Know the plant size at full maturity.  All too often we come across homes with crowded landscaping. This is due to lack of knowledge of the plants mature height and width.  If you are going to plant in spaces that are too small for a plant’s mature size, make sure you stay on top of trimming and pruning.



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