Oak Star Bank-Fall Cleanup

Oak Star Bank Gets a Facelift this Fall!

Oak Star bank is a great bank here in Springfield,MO and has a very beautiful landscape. Although, in the fall having so many beautiful Hostas means a lot of Fall Cleanup! When these large Hostas start to fade away in the fall it is best to cut them back to the ground and cover with a fresh layer of mulch.

Fall is also a great time to add some color to your landscape by planting Mums. Mums come in multiple colors and bloom type. Some Mum’s bloom earlier than other while Belgium Mum’s bloom later in the fall and provide more color through November. Also, we add about 20% more Mulch to our beds in the fall to ensure a healthy planting bed come spring. Once your Mums begin to brown, cut them back to ground level and cover with a good layer of mulch. This will help them come back next spring/fall.


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